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 Team Confluence (L to R) Olaf, Ramya, Shayne. Screen shot from a weekly G+ Hangout !

Meet the conspirators !

Ramya likes to think of image making as a process that not only captures a moment as the eye sees it, but also reflects how the other senses interpret it. Much of her work is born out of daydreaming, wandering, searching for stillness and poetry that lie between the lines in the human web of this world. She currently lives and works between Bangalore, India and San Francisco, CA.

Shayne Lynn is a freelance photographer living and working in Burlington, Vermont. His practice of yoga informs his daily life. Shayne appreciates photography as visual meditation. Shayne is currently working on his first book of portraits, Living Local.

Olaf Willoughby is a photographer, writer and researcher living and working in London, UK. Life has been kind enough to take him in two directions. In one he is a published and exhibited photographer, author of the book, “Antarctica, A Sense of Place”. In the other he works with marketing agencies and clients, consulting and speaking on the use of storytelling to improve business communications.